Friday, June 5, 2009

punching the word radical in the face

and don't even think about blaming it on testosterone. 


  1. Yes, thank you. here's how this plays out against femmes: every one of us is personally responsible for redefining femininity. We never lose this responsibility, not when we're brushing our teeth, not when we're biking around town (are those PINK STREAMERS on your handles?) and certainly not when we're fucking. We must represent. we must not let the team down. And the team needs us to act/look/talk/dress/fuck less like girls.
    Fuck. That.

  2. YES. ugh.

    i was talking with a friend how this whole situation is like a formula for marginalised identities. like how people (poc, fatties, homos...) are expected to be 'good' representatives of their whole identity group for this neat politic to work. she was saying that these are the basics about identity politics that we run into again and again... & it's also another way for our identities to be regulated.