Wednesday, June 3, 2009

gutz, gore, mutant lambies

The GUTS GORE photoshoot by Cyd & I can be found in Slit Magazine's new Weird Science issue!

photos by Okapi

Set in an Industrial Abitoir. A Mad Scientist discects our freak of nature, exploring the mechanisation of animals in the industrial meat complex and experimental science. We are using this story to address the pathologisation and invasive curiosity of transgender people's bodies.

Contact me if you're in Brisbane if you would like a copy of this issue or back issues of Slit. 10 bucks. Or if you're interstate/o.s contact Slit directly or check out their website for stockists.


  1. yeah, fuckk yeah. Damn boy I gotta write you an email so bad but it's ridiculous my brain is empty and now it's full but all I can do is write and not the things I'm supposed to be writing. Tomorrow I'm going makeup shopping fer IDA I wish you were coming with meeeee - Cydalicious

  2. cydalicious - that is so goddamn cute!

    oh god i would love to go fancy bitch makeup shopping with you and flap hands with excitement over gaudy colours. oh make overs in the country. i would give you glitter battle face.

    please. i'll be hanging for your update. i'm so curious about what's going on in your life now.

    also, i'm gonna try and get a grant to ship me over & exhibit at the sex worker arts festival and queer arts festival in yr hometown this time next year. if fate's not gonna bring us back together cyd, then token minority government funding better.

  3. also, there should be a copy of weird science in the mail for you. has it arrived yet? the photos are in the wrong order (balls) but we got 4 colour pages (yay).