Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Heavy Petting Zoo (1996)
Hotdog In A Hallway

She'll Have Another Piece Of Pie
She'll Have A Double Reuben Rye
She Kicks Hard At Eating Well
That's Why I Love Her

She's Got A Couple Of Pony Kegs
Her Arms Are Bigger Than My Legs
And When She Holds Me I Can't Breathe
That's Why I Love Her

I'm Her Butter She' My Bread
She's Like A Mobile Waterbed
And Hwen I Got On Top Of Her
I Can't Touch The Mattress

And When Her Flesh Begins To Sag
She's Like A Human Sleeping Bag
I Feel So Cozy Safe And Warm
She's My Insulation

I Always Know Where She Sat
And When She's On Me I Get Flat
Some Broken Ribs A Punctured Gut
That's Why I Love Her

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