Tuesday, January 12, 2010

hotdog army

Anyone that's spoken to me lately will know that I can't shut up about the joy/zen that hotdogs bring to the world. I need your help. Call it embrace/call it getting it out of my system, someone _may_ call it art. Think fondly of the archetype crazy old cat lady, but hotdogs, stuffed ones.


Crappy old doonas, pillows, stuffed toys, etc.

In the vicinity of Melbourne.

I can pick up.

Message me on here and we can arrange details. My best offer so far has been chewed up dog toys.

So yeah, my vision is to make lots of hotdogs. Some in actual size and some in that size that's good for a full body cling to. Mustard affirmations and here's some of the fabric I got so far, the vision is LURID:

I'm mostly excited about combinations of clashing ugly oranges.

The plan is to sell them at the Antiverse Market and maybe I'll try etsy. I'll post when stalls are happening.

I just got access to a sewing machine, thanks to Holly Fluxx! So hopefully I'll be pumping them out soon

Wheat _AND_ Meat!

I've been watching hotdog eating competition videos on youtube for inspiration. This cringe-humour clip might help explain also:

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