Thursday, April 2, 2009

war tactics

This is a little text work done on livetype. It will be in a series of 3 screens. The other 2 will both be pieces of writing that use sex & desire to highlight & disassemble power structures in society. Basically, power smut. I'll be using excerpts that I think particularly challenge our sense of sex-positivity. Ones that confuse whether it's hot or messed up, or are maybe too close to home. I'm also linking these to this track I'm on about with climax as a form of effigy and the political force behind this. This screen will be for putting those pieces of smut into that context.

I'll post the other 2 screens when they're closer to being finished.

Original words by the swoon-inducing genius that is Kathy Acker (from Blood and Guts in High School).

I'm new to livetype and finding it pretty limiting and lost as to how to use it to achieve an aesthetic that works with the use of the text. I kind of hate the fades & effects but don't really know where else to go with it. Unfortunatly, it has to be made on livetype to count as assessment. I would love any suggestions on how to change it/improve it/aesthetic ideas & livetype program tips. Also, any feedback on whether it's too fast/slow, etc... I'm also considering adding audio for folks who have trouble reading.


  1. I think audio would be really good. I like this a lot, Warren. I would probably put

    "I'd like to say that everything I do,
    every way I've seemed to feel,
    however I've seemed to grasp at you,"

    all on separate lines.
    And (again my opinion) maybe "are war tactics" is on the screen for a little too long?

    Hope this is productive.
    X wil

  2. thanks wil. i did originally put those lines as separate but then changed them. it did seem like a good idea but then i wanted that section to read like acker's voice in first person so changed it to regular sentence formant rather than prose format. i think it dictated the timing of the reading too much for how i wanted it to sound in the reader's head.

    i'll keep thinking about how i might want to do audio & maybs making the 'are war tactics' bit shorter.

    thanks for the feedback! hopefully the context will be clear once i've made drafts of the other quicktimes.

    & ha! trust you to like it.